Thanks for visiting Pure Love skincare! I am so excited to share this amazing skincare line with you. Pure Love Skincare really is Skincare with Heart! Our goal is to provide our customers with Pure and Natural Plant-based skincare options. Being a licensed Esthetician helped me on my quest to create a line of products that are Plant-based and FREE of harmful chemicals. I was in desperate need of this myself due to an illness I had been enduring for years. My poor health was continually being diagnosed differently from one doctor to the next. After years of taking one failed medication after another I finally figured out the root cause of my ill health - silicone!! I was being sickened by my silicone breast implants, can you believe that? Once they were removed, my joint pain and inflammation subsided and I began to feel healthy again but my skin conditions of dry patches, rashes and itching remained. What I found out next amazed me! Most over-the-counter skin and hair care products contain silicone as well as many other unhealthy ingredients. This is why I set out to develop a skin and hair care line that would spare me and millions like myself the sufferings caused by these harmful chemicals. The result is our skin and hair care line that is Naturally Scented, Plant-based and FREE from Silicone, Sulfates, Parabens, Petroleum, Synthetic dyes and colorants. I hope you love them as much as I do! 


Des Yeager
Founder, CEO